Vision Accendo focuses on a number of market sectors giving us a great deal of experience and expertise. With this, we address the unique challenges that these industries have when considering the implementation of energy efficient LED Lighting Solutions.

Who do we work with?

Vision Accendo have worked with a variety of industries, installing the latest LED technology. This includes:


Southampton Airport required improved and energy efficient lighting for their airplane parking stands but at the time LED lighting had not been approved airside by the Civil Aviation Authority. (CAA).

What did we do?
Vision Accendo designed and implemented a solution that was ultimately approved by the CAA and was awarded the Electrical Contractors Association “ Best Client / Contractor” award in 2014.

Since then, Vision Accendo have delivered LED lighting projects to a number of UK Airports.

Sporting Complexes

The Premiership, in conjunction with Sky TV, set new and challenging lighting standards for Premiership Football Clubs in 2014 in order to facilitate the broadcast of new high definition/slow motion replays.

What did we do?
Vision Accendo designed and implemented an LED solution, incorporating Vision Sphere LED Stadium Lights and supporting electrical infrastructure, at Southampton Football Club in the close season of 2014/15.

The project was delivered to demanding timeframes in a complex working environment culminating in St Marys Stadium hosting the first competitive football match under LED Floodlights in the UK sixty four years after the club made history by playing the first ever football match under floodlights in 1930.

Since then the Vision Sphere LED Stadium Light has been installed in a number of sporting complexes.


Key to any new project work at manufacturing and industrial installations is minimum disruption to production lines and delivery processes.

What have we done?
Vision Accendo has completed projects at companies such as Triumph Motorcycles and Total Oil where additional challenges have included difficult access to existing lighting fittings, stringent health and safety criteria and very short windows of opportunity to install the LED solution when plant and machinery was not in use.

In order to achieve the above clients’ objectives it was critical that infrastructure related interventions were carefully planned and executed to minimise any downtime to the company involved.

With our experience in working in these environments and strong project management skills we were able to deliver these and many other projects on budget and in time.


Improving the customers’ retail experience whilst driving carbon footprint and reducing costs are common objectives within a very competitive retail sector.

What have we done?
Vision Accendo have installed LED Lighting solutions in a number of retail environments ranging from a roll out to 50 supermarkets in the South of England to a fit out of retail shopping mall and associated multi-storey carpark.

In these environments the aesthetics of the lighting design are a pre-requisite to a successful project. Vision Accendo are able to bring a great deal of experience and expertise in using the latest software design tools to show our clients exactly how the new lighting will appear before they commit to a new LED Lighting installation.

Facilities Management

The Vision Accendo VIPs team work seamlessly with our FM partners to deliver cost effective solutions in both the private and public sectors.

Our engagement process is flexible. We can pro-actively work with our FM partner and their clients at the design stage, producing comprehensive reports illustrating cost and carbon savings that will result from our proposed LED Lighting solution or we can work as expert sub contractors in implementing a pre-defined solution.

Vision Accendo have worked with our FM partners in complex project rollouts at HMS Courts Services and in highly secure environments such as HM Prisons and Detention Centres.


Vision Accendo have implemented LED Lighting Solutions at Secondary Schools, Universities and Educational Academies.

Projects will be delivered on time and within budget. From product supply to full design, project management and installation.