LED lighting has been popping up in many places. From warehouses, supermarkets and hospitals to offices and football stadiums. Yet there are many sectors which are yet to embrace this new lighting technology. Described as the biggest advancement in lighting since Thomas Edison invented the bulb in 1879, LEDs have many advantages.

So what are these advantages?

Well, they’re compact for starters. As well as this, LED technology is long lasting and incredibly energy efficient.

For example, when we provided Manhattan Furniture with 152 100w LED High Bay replacements, in their first year alone the savings were greater than repayments by a budget-enhancing £4,636.

Why LED technology?

Many people look at LED technology the same way they think of double glazing. Where double glazing has excellent energy saving benefits, LED lighting offers excellent cost savings. This superior technology saves people money in the exact same way. With very little maintenance, fantastic performance and energy efficiency, LED truly is an investment.

Is it easy to switch to LED technology?

Of course. Here at Vision Accendo, our team of LED specialists take great care in every project, no matter the size or scope. We take the time to understand your needs and requirements and find you the perfect LED lighting solution that matches those expectations.

We offer a fantastic turnkey service, where we are able to go to the client and offer the complete package. We’ll assist you with designing the perfect LED solution as well as completing its installation.

Who have VA worked with?

We’ve worked across a wide range of sectors and will continue to do so! From football stadiums such as Southampton FC and Crystal Palace, to car showrooms and warehouses. We are well equipped to handle LED projects of any size.

What’s next?

Well! To discuss your LED project, get in touch with our team today. You can do this by calling 0845 519 0203 or dropping us an email at info@visionaccendo.com