Vision Installation Professional Services(VIPs) was created in early 2013 and employs a dedicated team of engineers to provide to installation and maintenance services throughout the UK. Continuing positive comments was received since then. Our clients were always impressed with our professionalism, attitude to work, cleanliness and all round good job.

Our team of fully qualified electricians are ready to support your business needs with our fleet of vehicles you can expect a timely and professional approach to whatever the electrical requirement.

We offer standard installation services but this can be extended to our Light for LIFE services. This includes a full service contract that takes the maintenance and testing burdens of your lighting solutions away. We will take ownership of any reported lighting issue and our engineering team will resolve on your behalf.

Many of our engineers have been vetted for work in sensitive or highly secure areas such as schools or government establishments.

Our installation expertise extends to all electrical works.

Illuminate: Let our engineers bring it all together and make the installation work.


SFC Light Readings