According to the Carbon Trust, lighting typically consumes an average of 20% of the electricity used in commercial and industrial buildings. In certain environments where lighting is required for long periods each day and for most days in the year the percentage can rise to above 30%.

Vision Accendo will produce an energy and cost saving report for our clients based on our recommended LED lighting solution.

These reports normally illustrate short-term returns on investment of between 2-4 years.

Where our clients wish to preserve capital we will offer a range of finance solutions where the costs of the whole LED lighting solution are spread over the life of the project.

In most cases the ongoing finance costs are less than the savings made by our clients, resulting in a positive cash position each quarter.

Vision’s finance partners are independent providers of funding for technology and energy efficient projects with a great deal of experience in helping both Public Sector bodies and Private Companies to acquire the latest technology at the best rates.

Unlike traditional banks and other finance providers, we are able to provide funding for total solutions including lighting products and installation costs including labour.

In summary, by entering in to a finance agreement with Vision Accendo our clients are able to budget effectively with complete assurance of known costs throughout the term of the contract and in most cases the cash saved from installing Vision Accendo lighting solutions will be in excess of the rental payments, leaving a cash surplus.