We use the industry’s leading lighting design software to create sustainable installations that have both great visual impact and outstanding energy efficiency benefits. Our lighting designs can show you what you should expect in terms of lighting levels, as well demonstrate the look and feel of the end result.

Lighting legislation

In our designs we are able to test that any design will meet the latest legislation. Whether that be Lighting requirements for offices or external projects such as Airports (CAP 168).

LED Experience

We have installed major projects such as a full LED floodlighting solution for Southampton Football club. We went above and beyond premiership requirements with our design. Our award winning designs include airports and stadiums alike.


Let us show you what is possible through our lighting design service. Contact us today for more information and the latest LED lighting technology. Email us on: info@visionaccendo.com or simply call 0845 519 0203 to speak to a member of our team.


st mary's stadium