LED lighting has been popping up in many places. From warehouses, supermarkets and hospitals to offices and football stadiums. Yet there are many sectors which are yet to embrace this new lighting technology. Described as the biggest advancement in lighting since Thomas Edison invented the bulb in 1879, LEDs have many advantages. So what are these advantages? Well, they’re compact for starters. As well as this, LED technology is long lasting and incredibly energy efficient. For example,... read more »


LED lighting solutions are quickly becoming the go-to energy saver for businesses. Whether in airports, offices, car parks or industrial warehouses, LED lighting is an obvious choice for energy savings and better quality lighting. We’ve listed 5 reasons why you should switch to LED lighting, so let’s cut to the chase… 1. LED uses less energy When compared to an incandescent of equivalent lumen-brightness, an LED bulb will use ten times less energy! How’s that for a... read more »
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A lot of offices have adequate, yet ageing lighting systems. These are often inefficient, excessive or uneven, wasting electricity where energy could be saved. Which is why we wonder: Why waste money on your lighting? Today’s LED bulbs and intelligent lighting solutions can provide high quality indoor environments, helping you save significantly on your energy costs. Until recently, many office managers have been fooled into thinking “low energy lighting” is the solution to their... read more »
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